Hey friends!

One World Wanderer is now open for guest blog submissions!

If you have a blog post idea please run it by me before submitting a draft. You can send me an Instagram message @oneworldwanderer or email me [email protected]

Types of blogs I am looking for:

Budget Destination guides

For example:

  • Budget Travel Guide to *location*
  • How to travel to *location* on a tight budget
  • 12 budget-friendly things to do in *location*
  • 7 of the best budget accommodations in *location*

Unique saving money tips or tricks to help you travel more

Unique travel stories

For example:

  • Romance stories
  • Solo travel stories (particularly for women)
  • What I learned from *experience*

Any other awesome article ideas you think would suit One World Wanderer

What a guest post on One World Wanderer will do for you?

  • 1 guaranteed backlink to your website (potentially more in the post if you can provide a relevant and insightful link to your website)
  • The post will be marketed on my social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Allow you to market the post for yourself, showing your skills to your audience as a freelance writer and blogger
  • At least 3 custom made pin images for the post to be used to market on my Pinterest (and yours if you want)
  • Well-edited and polished blog article to add to your portfolio

Post Requirements

  • At least 1,000 words with subheadings
  • If SEO is something you know about please let me know what keywords you have targeted and try to adhere to SEO rules as much as possible
  • Links to relevant pages. For example, if you mention that the Tower of London is a top location to visit on a trip to London, please provide a link to the Tower of London website. I am happy to provide links for tours, but where relevant, include any links possible!
  • If you have published a helpful and relevant post on something you mention in the article, I am happy for you to link it. For example if you mention a hotel in your post and you have written a specific hotel review post on your website, feel free to link it.
  • Photos where relevant. Generally, One World Wanderer has photos after each subheading of a relevant context. If you have photos of high quality (or can source some from free download sites) please provide them
  • An interesting author bio with a link to your website so I can show my readers how awesome you are!

***Please only submit blogs if you consider your writing to be high-quality. One World Wanderer prides itself on its quality writing and helpful articles. My readers know I have a degree in writing and expect the same quality of writing across my entire site!

You can send me an Instagram message @oneworldwanderer or email me [email protected] with any draft ideas!

I look forward to hearing from you. ๐Ÿ™‚