18 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Partner

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel with your partner? Not sure if it’s the right decision? If you’ll get along? If it will ruin your relationship? If it will be the most magical thing you could possibly do?
Well, I’m here to tell you that you should travel with your partner, at least just once.
Even though I am an avid solo traveller, having travelled solo more than with anyone else, on the few trips I took with my ex-boyfriend, I actually had a tonne of fun! Not only was it empowering, inspiring and rewarding, but it also created blissfully sweet memories that I will cherish forever.
I was very lucky to travel with my ex on several occasions. We spent two months wandering Europe, just 4 months after getting together, we spent a week exploring the Whitsundays in Australia, a week of adventuring in Bali, and another month in Eastern Europe when I met up with him for a romantic vacation while he was working overseas.
Travelling with him taught me so much about love, who we were as travellers and individuals, and the type of relationship we were fostering at the time. It was intrinsically stimulating and romantic and spontaneous and fun in ways that life at home rarely are, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
So, despite usually harking on about the joy of solo travel and why everyone woman should do it at some point in their lives, here are my reasons why I also recommend you should travel with your partner. At least once.
Here's why you should travel with your partner. 18 reasons why exploring the world with your significant other will be the best experience ever.  Travelling while in a relationship can be an awesome experience to help you both grow and fall more in love. | Travel Tips for Couples | Couples Travel Tips | Couples Travel the World | Partner Travelling | Travelling With Partner | Travelling With Your Partner| #CouplesTravelTips #TravelTips #CouplesTravel
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1. Travelling With Your Partner Improves Intimacy

Don’t believe me?

You should try being in Paris with your partner… and Greece… and living through those blissfully happy moments of getting to see the world together.

Did you know that couples who travel often have better and more intimate lives than those who don’t? Yep! And I’m not just speaking in the bedroom. Intimacy can mean a range of things, from just being closer, understanding one another more, to enjoying the company of your loved one, to just generally being more in love.

Whether it’s the adventure, the relaxation you’re experiencing, or the ability to actually enjoy spending time together without the stresses of everyday life, travelling with your partner will bring you closer together.

2. Travelling with your partner will make your relationship stronger

When you travel with your partner, you get to face a tonne of challenges, experiences and obstacles. Think delayed flights, late nights, crappy hotels stays, busy days, and living in close quarters. The relationship you build while travelling with your partner will be much stronger than the one you will build at home watching Netflix and dining on cheap takeout.

Whether you’re dancing in front of the Louvre or getting lost in a big city like Rome, the experience you face while travelling with your partner will provide a lot of opportunities for relationship growth and to build a stronger one.

If you can overcome those tests and challenges together, you will undoubtedly grow stronger.

3. Travelling with your Partner will help you create unforgettable moments

One of the main reasons you should travel with your partner is to create memories that will last you a lifetime. Imagine in years to come, getting to reflect on that time you ice skated under the snow in Switzerland, giggled your way to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or watched fireworks from your balcony as the clock ticked into a new year in Bali?

Those are the memories that count. The ones you’ll never forget. By travelling with your partner, you’ll get to build up a tonne of them- both good and bad- and you’ll always be able to look back on them with affection, humour, and the knowledge that you experienced them with the person you love.

4. You Should Travel With Your Partner To Have A Piece Of Home

If it is your first trip abroad, or you’re notorious for being someone that gets homesick, travelling with your significant other means you’ll always have a piece of home with you wherever you are.

Through all the ups and downs of travelling, you’ll never be alone, and this can help you feel more at ease throughout the whole thing.

5. Some travel experiences are best when shared

There are some travel experiences like sunset gazing in Bali or wandering through the Ancient Ruins of Athens that feel more magical when you have a special someone to share them with. In fact, this is probably the only downside to travelling alone. Despite my love for solo travel, I always miss being able to joke with someone, make conversation about where you are and your surroundings, and just generally enjoy getting experience new things with a person who you can talk about them with.

Travelling with your partner gives you this. Together, you can enjoy what you’re experiencing, and it’s one of the best parts of seeing the world together.

6. Travelling With Your Partner Is Cheaper

Although I often hark on about how cheap solo travel is because you never have to consider anyone else, there’s no denying that splitting the cost of things can be so much better for your pocket.

Travelling with your partner is far more economical than travelling alone as things like taxi rides, accommodation, and meals can be split between you both. This only works if you are both in sync with what your budget looks like and the things you want to achieve are the same (romantic cliffside villa in Santorini versus a hostel are two VERY different costs), but generally, you can save a lot of money this way!

7. Someone to lighten you up in unpleasant times

Let’s face it, horrible situations and unforeseen events can happen when you are travelling. Stolen bags, lost reservations, missed train rides and delayed flights are just SOME of the unpleasant things you might face while travelling.

Fortunately, when travelling with your partner, you have someone with you to lighten things up and ease the situation. They can put a smile on your face when you’re feeling down, and help you make the best of every situation!

8. It’s very romantic

When it comes to travelling the world, nothing is more romantic than a getaway for two. Whether it’s an adventure holiday, a relaxing beach vacation, a ski trip, or something else entirely, there’s a certain romance that comes from exploring together,

While solo travel or travelling with friends can be super enjoyable in its own right, it’s nothing compared to staying in a beautiful place with someone you adore. Especially when visiting those quintessential romantic holiday destinations.

9. You should travel with your partner so you won’t get bored

Long bus rides and flights are more fun and entertaining when you have your favourite person sitting right next to you. I can’t tell you how many times long trips flew by in an instant because I was too busy having fun.

Honestly, it is far better than reading a novel about vampires and werewolves or playing your favourite game on your iPhone. They make everything interesting- like pretending you’re gladiators whilst visiting the Colosseum for the first time.

10. It brings out your partner’s true character

If you’re heading towards a serious relationship or want to test the waters of living together before actually making the big leap, then you should travel with your partner.

Travelling can push your partner away from his or her comfort zones, which allows you to discover more about them, and learn how they handle different situations.

The combination of culture shock, difficult situations, and exhausting globetrotting can bring out some of the deeply hidden flaws of your partner’s character. Or, you can learn exactly the kind of person they are when it comes to dealing with difficult situations.

Travelling with your partner is a perfect way to really understand your partner, in every scenario. It gives you a chance to live in close quarters, see how they react to all of your sides, and watch how they .

You learn everything from the good to the bad, and it can be a good way to really test your relationship and see if it has a strong future!

11. Small surprising discoveries

There are tonnes of fun and surprising discoveries that can happen when you travel abroad with your partner.

Who knows? Your partner may be exceptional at ice- skating, or stuffing all your winter clothes back into your bag when you think there is no hope! It can be a great time to learn some interesting facts about your loved one and learn some of their hidden talents and traits.

12. You should travel with your partner for the new experiences

Can you remember the last time you, as a couple, did something new?

Watched a series together? Dined on different cuisine? Went on an adventure? Cooked a meal together? Or had a deep and meaningful conversation about the world?

When you travel with your special someone, you will have plenty of opportunities to experience something both of you have never tried before. No matter what it is, this is something you might be able to bring home with you as a new hobby or something you both love.

13. When you travel with your partner, you know someone’s got your back

It is just nice to have someone you trust to watch your bag and personal belongings while you take a quick nap or go to a bathroom. You have someone to make sure no creepy guy is making you feel uncomfortable in a club, ensuring that your drinks stay safe and that you make it home alright.

These are the luxuries you don’t have as a solo traveller, and it can be nice to not have to worry so much all the time!

14. Two thinking heads are better than one

Travelling as a couple lets you share the burden of travel planning and decision making. Not sure where to go next? Unsure how to navigate the tricky streets in order to find your Airbnb? Too exhausted to plan out your road trip route?

Travelling with your partner gives you another head to help out with these difficult things. You can talk things through, ask for their advice, trust their instincts while you take a break, and just know that you’re in it together.

More importantly, it improves your chances of making the right decisions, which can be a relief when travelling in new destinations.

15. Travelling with your partner will teach you to trust each other

Travelling with your partner allows you to see how much you can trust one another.

I don’t mean in terms of ‘cheating’ or any of those cliche things (although this is important too), but I mean in terms on making decisions together, learning whether or not your partner has got your back on things, and seeing if they lean on you in different scenarios.

Travelling with your partner is a good way to build on the trust you already have. Similarly, if either of you is struggling with trust, it will either help mend it or show to you that you are right in not feeling like you can trust your partner. Either way, you will learn from these experiences, and this can be super important in how your relationship goes when you return home.

16. Travelling gives you a peek into your partner’s preparation style

Observing your partner as he or she packs, plans and saves money for your vacation together can give you an insight into the way he or she handles some of the most important undertakings in your relationship.

Is he organised? Can he put his mind towards a goal and achieve it? Is he good with his finances? Does he like to be over organised, leaving the fun to be sucked out of things, or does he have a style that matches with yours?

If planning and saving for a trip together makes your partner irritable and frantic, do you think he or she can handle a wedding, moving in together, or children?

This can be a good way to see some important traits in your partner and learn whether or not those are compatible with you.

17. Travelling with your partner gives you some amazing photo opportunities

While many people don’t necessarily care about having ‘epic’ travel photos, having your partner with you can give you a chance to get some great ones.

You have someone to pass the camera to, rather than using a tripod or relying on strangers. You have a person to take cute couple photos with. But, you also have the chance to get some amazing photos together that you can look back on and admire.

It’s one of the major perks of travelling with your partner!

18. Lots of opportunities to ask the tough questions

Ever wondered what happened to your partner’s previous relationship? What their childhood was like? Whether they want kids in the future?

Sailing excursions, hikes, train rides, plane trips and long car drives are the best times to have deep and meaningful discussions with your significant other, and it gives them a chance to open up to you.

Of course, you can ask your loved one about these things at any time in life, but while relaxing on holidays and being closer than ever, it might be a nice time to bring up some of the questions you have and vice versa.

This can be a beautiful way to learn more, grow together, and know what your future looks like.


Final Thoughts on Why You Should Travel With Your Partner

Travelling with your partner is an incredible experience I recommend every couple do at some point in their relationship. Whether it’s early on, before you want to move to the next stage, or even as a committed and loving partnership that has been strong for years, it’s an amazing experience that teaches you all about the person you love.

Although not every relationship will last or thrive on the beauty of travelling together, many do. And it’s a fun way of learning whether or not you’re in something that is for the long run or not.

Here's why you should travel with your partner. 18 reasons why exploring the world with your significant other will be the best experience ever.  Travelling while in a relationship can be an awesome experience to help you both grow and fall more in love. | Travel Tips for Couples | Couples Travel Tips | Couples Travel the World | Partner Travelling | Travelling With Partner | Travelling With Your Partner| #CouplesTravelTips #TravelTips #CouplesTravel

Here's why you should travel with your partner. 18 reasons why exploring the world with your significant other will be the best experience ever.  Travelling while in a relationship can be an awesome experience to help you both grow and fall more in love. | Travel Tips for Couples | Couples Travel Tips | Couples Travel the World | Partner Travelling | Travelling With Partner | Travelling With Your Partner| #CouplesTravelTips #TravelTips #CouplesTravel

Here's why you should travel with your partner. 18 reasons why exploring the world with your significant other will be the best experience ever.  Travelling while in a relationship can be an awesome experience to help you both grow and fall more in love. | Travel Tips for Couples | Couples Travel Tips | Couples Travel the World | Partner Travelling | Travelling With Partner | Travelling With Your Partner| #CouplesTravelTips #TravelTips #CouplesTravel

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Abbie is a 20-something Aussie girl in the midst of a never-ending love affair with the world. She fell in love with travel at the age of 18 and has since then visited 30+ countries, graduated university with a writing degree, and moved to Canada to live out her dreams of being surrounded by snow!

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